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VIPs are special players that help keep the servers running. All VIPs receive a special status in-game that don't affect gameplay.

Payment methods

  • PayPal – Instant upgrade
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

Quick upgrade

When paying through PayPal the account is automatically upgraded to VIP status within 5 minutes after the payment has been confirmed.

For Cryptocurrencies will take a bit more for the account benefits to be manually added.

30 days benefits +

Enjoy one month of VIP Status on your server of choosing. After your VIP status expiration you can always renew it +Cryptocurrency payments get an extra 5 days added to their VIP status.🙂


These items apply on all of our active servers for 30 days or 35 days when paying with Bitcoin.


Get a VIP Colored Name on all of our PurePower Servers, you will get to write in chat in Golden VIP color.

PurePower Rust #1 SOLO/DUO/TRIO


Get a VIP Slot on our PurePower #1 SOLO/DUO server, this way you will skip queue and own one of the limited slots reserved.