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Server VIP

I want to donate through crypto, what do I do?

Currently, automatic payment methods via cryptocurrency are not supported but we do offer manual payments. If you would like to support the server using crypto, please use the cryptocurrency button available on VIP Page or directly via  Discord open a ticket in the #tickets section and type in -new.  We will generate a link for the payment and give you the benefits in game too. You can pay via Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

I paid and didn't receive my VIP Status...

VIP Status is granted while you are ingame and it takes up to 5 minutes after the payment is completed to grant this status. Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes ingame in order to have your status added to your Steam ID. If you are still not receiving it please contact us.

Can I transfer my VIP slot to a different server?

At this moment we don’t support VIP Transfers between servers.

Server Info

Server wiped early, why?

We are a fast paced gaming community, if the population of a server goes below a certain point, usually 5 players out of 200 active at peak hours the server will fully wipe soon, in a day or two. In the future we may have other kind of servers with monthly wipes or bi-weekly but at this moment our servers wipe weekly or when population is really low.

Where can I find all your servers?

All of our servers are listed on our homepage – https://pwrust.com