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100% Vanilla Rust Servers

PurePower Rust Servers were made by the need of having reliable Rust servers with active admins and fast paced plays. Our servers FULLWIPE every week and currently own SOLO/DUO/TRIO servers. If you'd like to help sustain the servers, consider donating, this way we can keep offering the same quality and you can enjoy the benefits of skipping queue or having cool in-game colors in chat.

Active Servers
Server Slots
Unique Players Last Month
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Our Servers:

PurePower #1 SOLO/DUO/TRIO

200 slots – weekly fullwipes

PurePower #2 SOLO/DUO/TRIO

-coming soon-

Donate to get a
colored name or
skip queue and get right into the game!

Donations will be used to sustain our servers.